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"A Single Flight", is productive idea of I.B.J. Pictures and on the one hand it is documentary, but on the other hand it is fictional oriented movie about The Old Bridge in Mostar, and also includes records and published songs written by Ibrahim Jakić.

I've also heard presentational CD and I think it is very constructive and well justified one and it has great contribution to cultural inheritance of BiH. Songs are written using festive touch and based on their affection, they touch timeless aesthetic dimension. Texts express respect for positive strength of humanity and respect toward tradition. Idea for short movie production as visual addition of words and music, gives this project joined dimension of several artistic forms and it is surely suitable for unforgettable way to frame the manifestation "Jumps from The Old Bridge in Mostar". I am convinced that "A Single Flight" will be accepted by BiH public, as well as abroad. I wish this project to find engaged idealists, as well as sponsors who will materially support this project so it could be exposed in public, especially among young population.

Sarajevo, November 28. 2007.
Michael Schroen
Director of Goethe Institute
In Bosnia and Herzegovina

I. B. J. S. Fond