The story about Šejla

Šejla is my daughter. My girl who's not here anymore.she was two years old.It was Summer.I held her all day in my arms and she enjoyed my sang.Only she liked my song.She leaned her head on my chest and stroked with her hand my neck, light as a butterfly.

At night, I saw from the terrace of the Ronald McDonald’s House the window of her room ..This was the only window in which the light was burning all night ... just nine nights, and then it was wiped out ....
The butterfly on the letter S,on the I.B.J.S. Fund sign ,is a symbol of her name

On a small white stone in Ljubuški, is the same butterfly on the S-letter.Šejla rests next to my grandmother, under the eternal sun Herzegovina’s.
Ida said she had seen her decision to go.

It was a peaceful farewell. I kissed her and told the doctors to shut out the heart machine.One gentle twitch, a low pressure on my Hand.And she went.!?

My girl continues to live in our hearts. Through our projects she will help healing wounds.

  • Ronald McDonald's houses are built near hospitals. During the treatment of serious diseases of children, their loved ones remain there. The McDonald's chain has built more than 200 such companies. One of them is in Munich, in the circle of the German Heart Center (German Heart Center Hospital) Their slogan is: "The proximity helps heal.."
  • Nana means Grandmother

Šejla Jakić- Her last photo  German Heart Center Munic 02.07.2007

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