I want to become a Partner of the Golden Butterfly

Through the project of the Golden Butterfly with the stamp of IBJS Fund, we reach our hand to a child with special needs in your country and the world.
Fill out the form so that we can build for you a standing order for the support of the Golden Butterfly, which you will be partners in the project.
If you want to make a single donation, you can use the "Donate" option.
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Informations about Partner

Mr. Mrs. Doc. Mag

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Informations about Bank account

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Donation Options

Enter the amount of rate that you want to donate to I.B.J.S. Fund and which will be implemented via direct debit from your account, according to selected options down the frequency and duration.

A minimum of 10 EUR for payments from abroad.
At least 3 KM for payments from BiH.

Select the term of this Agreement. During the selected time period required by your business bank every 5th of the month (according to the frequency selected option ) to exclude the donated amount from your account in favor of IBJS Fund.

Select a period in which frequency you want to donate the above amount in accordance with the below stated period of the contract. Choosing this option you order your commercial bank every 5th of the month (according to the frequency option selected) to exclude the donated amount from your account in favor of IBJS Fund.

Healthy or not

The book will be delivered when the amount of your donation covers the cost of the book (44 km) plus the cost of postage.

If you chose the the book "Healthy or not for free, choose in which language you want it. If you want to get it in both languages , select both fields.

Options of publication

As a partner you have the option of presenting your information on page IBJS Fund web site . Select All desired options from the list ..

If you want your logo or an other image to be displayed among the partners of IBJS fund, upload the same here (gif, jpg, png, 200x200px max)

If you want the website of I.B.J.S. Fund to present information about you as a partner (or your organization), enter it in the available text field. It can be entered directly or via options copy and paste.

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The maximum allowed file size is 5 MB, and if you can´t upload your video / audio file via provided form contact us for help.

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