Current project:"A Single Flight"

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IBJS Fond and IBJPictures in cooperation with the production company "Flash" from Sarajevo present you

A Single Flight

short feauter documentary film as the first from the cycle of Golden Butterfly, a story about Mostar and the swallows of Mostar, a song about a "rainbow of a white stone", who dries up the tears of people from two coasts

The movie begins with an Image of daybreak, with a swallow on the horizon,...and lyrics...;

Ovdje bi se trebao prikazati Flash sadržaj ali ga vaš preglednik ne može prikazati. .

"The whole life could take place in only one heavy sigh,
all world´s tears and hopes,all in just A Single Flight of a swallow."....a drop of dew on the fig´s leaf...dawn in Neretva...
"Down in the warm south,there is a green river,and the Old Bridge above the water,under the sky a white rainbow made of stone.
There, where the enchanting Emina is dreaming, in a fragrant garden of flowers and Roses,
there is a bird that kisses the Neretva,the most beautiful of all swallows, teh swallow of the Bridgera."

Warm pictures with the patina of the past awaken the desire of past times,in the middle playing part of the movie,Emina revives again,and the wind from the Neretva blows a whisper of the song about immortal daughter of the old Imam.. Shrill roar of thunder…Rain on the face of the green river...and a voice in the background... "...In an other story was said   (from the screenplay for the movie "The Bridge" by Ibrahim Jakić), that in this time a evel wind blew over the Neretva.In the year 1993,the Old Bridge in Mostar was destroyed and in was built again.How much Time needs a soul to forget the scream,to sing again, how much years needs a silent heart to built a new bridge to a hearbeat..."

The red sunrise paints the silent.. The red sunset colors the silent... and the Image of the Bridge. The laughter of children rings …a new dawn…and a voice… "...That sun over Herzegovina is still burning on the white stone.Equal ripples the green a swallow spreads again its wing to embrace the new spring...." ..One girl's light steps,a new Emina,instead the rattle of old wooden shoes...ana a new swallow on the blue cloudless sky...

Before the closing role,accompanied by the song A Single Flight,her other version,made as a part of music to the film,final teleprompter:

"1993 - 1995 fell the Old Bridge and twentythree swallows of Mostar.This story is for those who are still flying and for us who never took off.."

In the video recording to the song,with elements from the movie,which the video-clip alone is a special sort of announcement,the swallow-musicians leave their instruments on the stone and jump into the deep...the "cameras are "flying" with them..for a long time.." "...all tears and hopes fit into the enormous hear of the swallow of Mostar..." ...on the coasts of Neretva are spilled the "Rains of Mostar" …like pearls…

The final realization-phase of A Single Flight we announce for the 28th April2011., on Šeja´s bitrthday and the first birthday of I.B.Jakić Šejla Fund.You can become a partner too of this project .

I. B. J. S. Fond