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Sheila is my daughter,my little girl who is no longer here. She was two years old. It was summer. I held her in my arms, all day, and sang. Only she enjoyed my song. She leaned her head on my chest and her hand caressed my neck, as easily as a butterfly.

At night, from the terrace of Ronald McDonald's house,I watched the window of her room.It was the only window in which light was burning, all night. Whole nine nights, and then it extinguished ...

...... I.B.J.S Fund - Movies, art and humanism is Šejlas Foundation.The Golden Butterfly on the letter S is a symbol of her name. My little girl is still alive in our hearts. Through her projects,she ist helping to heal wounds..


From the Story of Šejla in the book Healthy or not!?-My decission!?

Through each project with the stamp I.B.J.S. Fund helping hand to children with special needs in your country and the world.
By purchasing the book "Healthy or not", ili by purchasing of one of the IB JAKIĆ - creations, participation in our projects, as a volunteer, sponsor, producer, as a Partner of Friend of the Golden Butterfly, you give your contribution to a better and healthier world.

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