Believe or not - As a Prologue

Everyone is able to put on a smile and to land a hand, even if no one seems to be there for it to take it .A warm hand to make the smile a real.Than it does not matter whether we believe or not because you love..
And like any of us can an honest smile make as our own, he can determine how he wants to live ....
In the dark or in light ...
Healthy or not.

A disease has even not to develop.But if it does,wherever in witch force it comes upon us, it is not what one should be afraid

Because the disease is only a warning.It brings us back to earth, makes us human, but first of all it says: "It was wrong It's time to change up!

Five years Ida shock was working on the life´s work of doctor and healer from Estonia, Luulu Viilma. After another six years of research, during which came more and more true the specified reasons in practice, and thereby was created the Disease-Cause Registry, a guide.. ..D

We can take this path or not, because to be health or not is our decision!?

One evening, after I had decided to give this book my handwriting, I said to Ida:"I will bring it out on Šejlas birthday." There were not three months away.

"You will!" she said. "I have just seen the light signals above your head."

She called it Angel…I didn't say anything


The solutions came and the words found to each other.The book is ready to be printed up to 28 April there are still 38 days.

Augsburg, 22.03.2010.

I. B. J. S. Fond