A Single Flight - Song to the Movie

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The first version of the song by Ibrahim Jakic about the legend of the city on the Neretva in execution of Amir Hubijar and the choir of "rain of Mostar, " A Single Flight", available in the IBJS Fund as a thank for your buying in our company and the Support of our projects of the Golden Butterfly..

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With each project, with the stamp of IBJS Fund, we extend a hand to children with special needs in your country and all over the world.

A Single Flight supports the Egyptian village in Mostar

Children, the charges of the Egyptian village, together with the protagonists of the film "A Single Flight",which for the realization of the final phase is announced for 28 April, (Šejla's birthday and the anniversary of the Fund), wore the Revue IBJakić creation called "Flying High "

In the wonderful atmosphere of the summer garden of the Hotel Old Town in Mostar, in range of the old bridge, we have presented magnificent creations of swimwear for children and adults from the collection A Single Flight

Multiple champion of the new generation of jumpers from the "Old Bridge" Haris Džemat introduced the Model "Flying High 01" a novelty on the world market,a combination of top design and development of best materials.This swimwear with special impact protection, which can be used by need,are designed for extreme Springer with the heart of the "Swallows of Mostar " and for those who wants to attract attention with their jump.

All Products with the stamp of I.B.J. Original Creations, are made in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Watch the revue of the children from the "Egyptian village", and the winning jump of Haris Džemat in our gallery

I. B. J. S. Fond