From two clarifications by Miša Marić to the author of "A Single Flight"

"... I was just listening the record. First impressions; touching, poetical clear, convincing, and accompanied by great music. So to the the lyrics. I haven't to add or take away anything, not to cripple it. Also to the manner in which the story is taken, neither here ...

..... In that you spawned lies a sophisticated sentiment, unexpected and badly needed in this time like the Old Bridge of Mostar. You don't pose, do not flatter and you don't deal with sentiments and talent for business, although it's a shame why you're not sharing with people each fly but just "A Single Flight. "

... I had a chance to hear a lot which was written and sang in the post-war years, in Mostar or about Mostar ... nothing reached me so artistically and emotionally honest and strong like this . Who has the ear on it's heart,will understand it,because you talk with a cardinal Esperanto,which is so necessary for this deaf time, ...

... Thank you for your trust. Even more because with your record you again woke up in my inner so long covert emotions, when I cane to this Town with all its beauty and sorrows. "

Yours, Mišo Marić
February 2008.

I. B. J. S. Fond