Besim Spahic, Ph.D.: The divine sigh of the soul with the immortal river

Not because I trail ontogenetic or phylogenetic roots of the city on the Neretva River, or because of my love for Karst Mediterranean / Adriatic background of Istria, which awakened in me Herzegovina genes to life, but because of the divine touch of the beauty in verse, words, and in the music, which with retro-active synthetic magic fixed and moving images awakes the beauty of the city, with its strict architecture of earth, water, air,the Anthopome and Lithome-of the Town Mostar,which bears the Sui Generis to poetry of this environment and verse and music, which even a poet admired by Goethe's caliber, and introduced it to Europe.
All this alone has been combined into the brilliant poetic presentation of the project "A Single Flight," Ibrahim Jakic and his musical collaborator (Hubijar and others),according to the saying "A word of gold also opens rusty gates and reaches everyone, even those of icy hearts ", and actually causes pictorial and melancholy flicker of the soul, which makes the skin shiver,wakes up in people all those original, virtuous, human, everything that belongs to the whole mankind. The multi-artistical realization of such more and more rare projects strengthen the expressive power and the divine humanity of the inhabitants of Neretva, where for ages they "don´t not live to die, but they die to live." (Mak Dizdar, from the inscription on a monument).
I would like to be even a small catalyst of this great project

Besim Spahić
Sarajevo, June 2008

I. B. J. S. Fond