I. B. Jakić Original Creations - Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina


All our projects are based on art. They carry a message to people in this time when a real smile and a warm hand of support are a rare commodity. IBJ Creations originated from the desire,to make this message accessible to everyone in a materialized, self-sustaining form .

Logo Creation always suggests a new form, unstable, elusive as life itself.Golden Butterfly runs the illusion of a lamp IBJ-revealing the face of the new project of Ibrahim Jakic.

All revenues to IBJS Fund and incomes from each sold item with with the tag IBJ Original Creations, go into the fund for directly support of our humanitarian projects and in the accumulation fund, which allows the realization of new projects and creating self-sustaining brands. Learn more about new projects and contact us. Let the Golden Butterfly enter in your life and your desires of heart and mind become one!

I. B. J. S. Fond