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A Cycle by Golden Butterfly is an opus film, and a musical and literary project by Ibrahim (Backey) Jakic in various stages of implementation:
  • A Single Flight - a short feature-documentary film, music and lyrics with translations in English, German and Turkish.
  • In the courtyard of a childhood (Wild Pomegranate) - book, lyrics and short feature film about the scent of a childhood under the Ljubuški sky.
  • Curse - a novel by Velibor Jovanovic, screenplays, songs from the featured film, a historical drama about love, life and death in this region at a time when the mighty Turkish Empire was on its last gasp.
  • The Bridge - novel, film script, songs and feature film, partly autobiographical story of a Hollywood dream.
  • Golden Butterfly - songs, movies and verse, a written book and audio in which are incorporated poems, verses, occasional thoughts and stories about the development cycle of projects from the Golden Butterfly.
If you want to learn more about individual projects, or want to participate in them, please contact us!

Current project:"A Single Flight"

IBJS Fond and IBJPictures in cooperation with the production company "Flash" from Sarajevo present you

A Single Flight

short feauter documentary film as the first from the cycle of Golden Butterfly, a story about Mostar and the swallows of Mostar, a song about a "rainbow of a white stone", who dries up the tears of people from two coasts

The movie begins with an Image of daybreak, with a swallow on the horizon,...and lyrics...;

Ovdje bi se trebao prikazati Flash sadržaj ali ga vaš preglednik ne može prikazati. .

I. B. J. S. Fond

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